Article from the 9/1/2017 Catalina Islander

"If I take the shuttle into town, will I get back American change?"
"Where do I go to see the 'Cliff Divers'?"
"Where do I go to find the 'Glassbottomless Boats'?"  (probably on the ocean floor).
"I see the cross channel boats arriving.  Where do they leave from?"
"If you are going to steal someone's name, don't pick 'Chuck Liddell'!  You are NOT the UFC wrestler!"
(Charles, please print "Real Catalina Trip" and "Let's all try..." that you didn't have room for last week as my lead into my story).
"ONLY CATALINA HAPPENINGS".  Please check out my new column and help me fill in the blanks.
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"Mr. Ning's Chinese Restaurant", 127 Sumner, is leaving for GOOD, September 30!!!  Show your support/love for them!
SO SORRY TO SEE JIM WATSON'S COLUMN, "MYSTERIOUS ISLAND", NO LONGER IN THE "ISLANDER"!  I know that he has his hand in many wonderful adventures and I will be honored to share them with my readers as they transpire.
Catalina Island has long been the location for over 500 movies and television productions.  In fact, since 1909, when the very first movie was made here, there has been at least one show made on the Island EVERY YEAR, including 2017, without a gap!  We have been used as the South Pacific, Caribbean, Mexico, Mediterranean, as well as our own Midwest, you name it,  but rarely presented as "Catalina Island"! 
One such T. V. series decided to turn our "Casino" (Italian, for "place of gathering and entertainment") into a "Gambling Casino".  "Airwolf", a popular show, about a "hot" pilot, Jan Michael Vincent (for those of you who remember one of my best friends, Valerie Rolich Scovel, he was her "heart throb", until she met him downtown during the shooting) and his co-pilot, Academy Award Winner, Ernest Borgnine (believe it or not, he was once married to Ethel Merman!  NOW, THERE WAS MATCH MADE IN HELL! LOL!).  They flew their atomic powered helicopter around the world to foil any attempts by bad men who tried to destroy "truth, justice, and the American Way" (sorry, that was "Superman", but close).   One episode, which aired in 1984, entitled "Sins Of The Past", turned Avalon into a non-descript South American resort town which had been taken over by drug trafficers who partook in assundry evil and nefarious exploits!  Our two "do gooders" were instructed by some bikini clad locals to help rid them!.  The helicopter hovered over the town until the "no goodnicks" were up in the Casino Ballroom gambling.  They then flew around the building, shelling it with rifle fire, missles, bombs, and everything else imaginable!  (I guess they were low on H-Bombs!).  Needless to say, "shalom", "sayonara", "ciao", "au revoir", "adios", arrivederci", auf wiedersehen", and "ALOHA" to these bad guys, but also our beautiful Casino! 
It looked so REAL that I actually ran out of the house and looked at the building to see if it was still standing!  OF COURSE IT WAS; WAS ONLY MAKE BELIEVE, BUT LOOKED SO REAL!!!"
Unfortunately, some of our 1937 era palm trees actually caught on fire and also some fire damage was done to the inside of the Ballroom itself.  Needless to say, Billy Delbert, the Casino Manager, had to revise his contracts for anyone desiring to lease the beautiful building, for whatever reason, to sign a "non-pyrotechnical" clause. 

Happily, the iconic 1929 Catalina symbol has not suffered any other indignities since!