Article from the 8/4/2017 Catalina Islander

"How long does it take a bath towel to dry out at Two Harbors?"
"Do you pay 'Duty Taxes' on Catalina?"
"Do you have radios on Catalina?"
"How long did it take to build Catalina Island?"
"Is your fresh water barged over from the Mainland?"
"Reality Imitating Art"
I have been a 'Docent' (French, for 'docent touch any of the displays', lol!) at the Museum at the Chihuly "Seaform" room since it first opened up in March (will be there until December 11).  A man came in to see the magnificent pieces of art and asked me if he could take a picture of my beard!  I asked him why.  "If Dale Chihuly ever decided to do beards instead of plants and sea life, your beard would be EXACTLY how he would create it!"  HE TOOK 3 PICTURES!  Maybe I have been in that room too long!  If you haven't experienced it yet, DON'T MISS IT!  Every day, except Thanksgiving/Christmas/4th of July, 10-5.  Say "hello" if you recognize my beard.
"Xceptional Music Concert", Descanso Beach, Saturday.  Check out the tent on the corner of Crescent/Pebbly Beach Road or the Chamber of Commerce, end  of the Green Pier.  DON'T MISS THESE FANTASTIC SUMMER PROGRAMS!
Please say a prayer and keep positive thoughts for "Dive Dry", Dr. Bill Bushing!
After a short hiatus, "Mr. Ning's" Chinese Restaurant will be open again, today, and back on it's regular Summer schedule, Friday-Wednesday.
I had the singular honor of being trained by the GREATEST VOLUNTEER that the Conservancy has ever had!  Paris Rebl. She has contributed 1000's of hours over the last 10 years and has put in more time than all of the other volunteers COMBINED!  I am now ready to take out any size groups who would like to volunteer their time and participation to helping to keep 88% of Catalina as natural as possible for present and future generations to enjoy it.  Contact me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m, if you would like to join me and others to make a positive impact on our beautiful/unique Island, and get to see and enjoy locations that VERY FEW get to. 
On Wednesday, August 16, the clan of Frank (Avalon High School English Teacher, 1956-69, RIP) and Marlene Rutherford will be coming, some 60 strong, for a four day reunion/vacation/wedding reception.  If any of you would like to join this group and share some of the memories of their 50 year history on Catalina, please contact Eric, better known to locals as Rick, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so you can be part of this special time with them.
Go to South Beach and notice ALL of the fantastic aquatic activities that are provided to the swimmers there.  LOVE IT!
BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN AVALON (borrowed from "Be the change you want to see in the world?  Mahatma Gandhi)
I share with others who live here that our unique lifestyle here on Catalina is being compromised by attitudes and behaviors that have so far been a bit foreign to us!  I have asked Islanders to help me comprise a list of things that we should be considering when concerned about the things that are changing here.  This list is hardly complete (please send me additional thoughts, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m) and is not meant to intimidate, but simply to show positive actions that we can take so that we can continue to live the way we have enjoyed for so many years.  Focusing on these and other issues will hopefully help us to have a "kinder/friendlier" environment:
1)  We MUST find out how drugs are getting to the Island and eventually to our youth and STOP that flow!
2)  Please keep your dogs muzzled for the protection of all and pick up after them.
3)  Support the Sheriff's Department and all of their activities to keep order in our town.  Allowing our citizens, especially our youth, to feel that they are somehow not responsible for their actions will come back to bite them someday, especially when they might plan to move to the Mainland, where their activities will be monitored and punished.  Being "Islanders" does not exclude us from following the laws.  In fact, as we are watched by others, we need to "toe the line" even more.  If possible, consider joining CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and help back up our Sheriff/Fire Departments when necessary.
4)  Whenever you see someone walking, if you have room in your vehicle, offer to give them a ride.  Even if they don't need it, they will GREATLY APPRECIATE your generous offer and this will cause them to "pass it forward" for the next opportunity they might have to share.  Hint:   IF you need a ride, walk "with" the traffic, so that the driver can see you more easily and can simply pull over to offer you a ride.
5)  Bicycles are meant to be driven on the street, NOT the sidewalks, and must stay on the right side of the street and obey all of the traffic laws of regular vehicles.
6)  Realize that our visitors are our lifeblood to our ability to live here.  Go out of your way to assist them in anyway possible to guarantee their happiness for choosing to come here and spend their time and money with us.  A simple "Happy Birthday" to those with the "Catalina Express" birthday badges is a major move to let them know we appreciate them.
7)  Try to spend more time with those you don't know so well, or at all, so that there can be a stronger bond between us.  Invite them to coffee, a drink, breakfast/lunch/dinner, etc.  When we get to know each other better, we will treat each other better.
8)  Volunteer to the non-profit groups in Avalon that need additional help to survive.  There are MANY opportunities to get to know the Island better and enjoy the unique benefits that are provided for volunteers.
9)  Return grocery carts to their proper place, instead of just leaving them on the sidewalks/streets once you transfer your groceries to your vehicles. Making "someone else"  pick up after you only causes the town to look less than what it could be.
10)Always thank, whenever possible, those who work for the Island Company, Edison, City, Conservancy, etc., when they are trying to improve our streets, buildings, etc.  They work HARD and deserve to hear our appreciation.
11)Clean up after yourselves and don't litter!  Yes, we need more trash cans around town, but with a little visual search, you can find convenient ones near by.
12)Pick up trash of others.  No need to become obsessed, but simply picking up a little trash each day will make the town look so much nicer and, others seeing you doing this, will hopefully cause them to follow suit.
13)Be considerate when smoking in public.  If you MUST do it near others, please ask their permission.  SOME OF US ARE ALERGIC!
14)Support as many local activities/programs as possible.  They all, especially the non-profits, need your financial and physical support.  We must show our appreciation for the fact that we have opportunities here and don't have to go the Mainland as often as we otherwise would to participate.
15)Respect the rules of the road.  Always use your turn indicators, but if your golf cart doesn't have one, then use your arm signals.  When at a 4/6 way stop, be curtious and wait your turn to go.  Even better, offer to let others go ahead of you.  STOP for those in the cross walks;  that goes for bicycles also.  Watch out for "anything" to happen!  Most of the people on our streets are visitors for the first time, many from different countries, and they are on "vacation mode"!  We have been there/done that ourselves when we travel.  Be respectful of them and give them as much latitude as you would expect to receive when you are in an unfamiliar location.
16)"We have the enemy and the enemy is us!"  Pogo.  This is directed mostly to parents, but all of us eventually.  Whatever you don't like to see in your kids or others, clean up your own "acts" first.  If you don't like to see those around you overweight, smoking, drinking, showing disrespect to authority, inconsiderate, unfriendly, breaking the law, etc., MAKE SURE THAT YOU AREN'T DOING THE SAME!  We all need to be positive role models to those around us and BELIEVE ME, we are all being watched and mimicked, either positively or negatively!  ULTIMATELY, we need to "practice what we preach" and become the "change" we want to see in Avalon!