Article from the 6/2/2017 Catalina Islander

Seeing Pebbly Beach Road, "Is this part of Hwy.101?"
"Do you have to go to the mainland to do your grocery shopping?"
Seeing the magnificent/priceless Chihuly glass display at the Museum, "Are these pieces dish washer safe?"
"What language do you speak here?"
"If this is the Pacific Ocean on this side of the Island, is it the Atlantic on the other side?"
FACE FOR RADIO?  If you want to join a bunch of "hams", who LOVE to perform on our local radio station, KISL, and then get broadcast ALL OVER THE WORLD, check with Murray Smith, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for his casting call on Thursday, June 8.
CARRY OVER FROM LAST WEEK:  In my column of May 26, 2017, "WELCOMING CATALINA VISITORS 101", (check it out, as well as all of my past columns,,  I omitted the most obvious way to help our guests when they are on the Island.  The traditional "I NEED HELP" sign has traditionally been looking at a map, staring at the corner street signs, and, now, looking at the IPADS/cell phones and NOT texting!  Simply go up and offer to give them assistance.  If they are LOST, they will LOVE you!  If they aren't, they will LOVE you for offering.  This is really a "can't lose" gesture.
LOVE LIVING ON CATALINA!  Last week, SOMEHOW, my radio got turned on in my van, although the ignition wasn't on and no one was in it!  Shaun Johnson put it on FACEBOOK, along with a picture of my van,  and eventually caught up with me on Crescent.  MORE PEOPLE were concerned and trying to locate me.  THANKS YOU WONDERFUL FRIENDS.
Even with my idealic life on Catalina, when I was very young, in the late 40's/early 50's, there weren't many people in Avalon (around 1500 compared to 3900) as many families had been forced to leave during WWII  as tourism came to an abrupt halt.  Not a lot of kids around my age.  Dad was either working for the Island Co. or on the mainland getting "dried out" from his alcoholic binges.  Mom was forced to clean our two rental apartments on Descanso.  As my baby sitter, Polly Mulford wasn't always available, I was plopped down in front of the T. V..  I LOVED to watch this relatively new "toy", but I found myself getting quite lonely and sometimes depressed.   I found that if I could slip away to Casino Point (before the Dive Park or Mole), I would find my very best friend, the Pacific Ocean!!!
It sounds strange, but the Ocean has always seemed ALIVE to me!  I could hear it "speak", as it lapped up on the rocks and slowly pulled the pebbles back with it.  I would tell it my problems and it would never interrupt, or judge, just listen.  And as it was listening, it was assuring me that I wasn't the first one to come to speak to it.  Someone coming to the Ocean to "vent" had occurred since the beginning of mankind.  I WAS IN GOOD COMPANY!  This made me feel better, as I knew that I wasn't the only one with problems.  Then it would reassure me it has ALWAYS been there and ALWAYS will be, until the END!  There will always be a "tomorrow" and that all things will look better then.  How wonderful for the "Mother Of All Life" to take the time to communicate with me and send me away happier.  I sometimes do that now, but simply to say "Hi" and thanking her for getting a young child through so many problems!  I didn't know the true God then, but do now and I thank Him for helping me to find His beauty and especially LOVE in His world!
When I taught "Communication" in the Midwest, Illinois State University (1970-72), Indiana University (1972-74), I found there were no oceans there (you can tell I wasn't a "Geography" major! I REALLY MISSED MY FRIEND!  Well meaning locals tried to help get me over this longing by introducing me to mountains, streams, and forests.  I listened respectfully, and even explored them, but never heard the "voice" that I so missed.  Besides, mountains eventually erode, streams, lakes, and rivers eventually dry up, and forests die, but the ocean will ALWAYS be there, as long as there is life, because it provides and maintains life!  In fact, the ocean formed the mountains, streams, and forests and nourish them! 
The Ocean is special to me for another reason.  I was formed in the womb, as we all were, surrounded by water.  I was very fortunate to be born on an Island, surrounded by water.  Water is the essence of life, you can't live without it!  The Ocean is the ultimate form of "water" and I can't live without it, physically or emotionally!
I would LOVE to hear from any of you directly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m