Article from the 7/17/2015 Catalina Islander

Since March 10, 2014, I have answered 30,685 questions!

Five weekly unusual questions and comments:

"Does Catalina make its own electricity?"  (If not, long extension cord to the Mainland!)
"Is this the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean?"  (at least one of the oceans was right.)
"What did William Wrigley, Sr. have to do with Catalina Island?"  (when I told the person, "nothing", he said that was impossible as a "Jr." never starts anything, it is always the father!)
Randy Brannock shared the following two with me:
"Why did they name the beautiful Avalon fish after a chocolate company?"  (The person thought the name of our Island fish, as well as the official California State Fish, was "Ghirardelli" instead of "Garibaldi"!)
"Isn't it appropriate that they named a sea creature after the town of Avalon?" (This took a little more time to figure out.  The "sea creature" referred to is the "abalone".  The person thought it was called an "Avaloni"!).

Sometimes I even surprise myself when I "out trivia" myself!  In a 1939 "Islander", a comment was made and following up on it, I was truly surprised and delighted!

QUICK, WHAT IS THE OFFICIAL SONG OF CALIFORNIA!?!  I'll wait..............If your answer is "California, Here I Come!", written my Al Jolson, Buddy DeSylva, and Joseph Meyer in 1921, good guess, but YOU ARE WRONG!  By the way, Al Jolson and Buddy DeSylva had joined forces the year before, 1920, along with Vincent Rose, to write one of our two most famous Island songs, "Avalon".  

If you watch the "Jeep Grand Cherokee" commercials on television, you have heard California's State Song, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!  It was written in 1913, with the music composed by Abraham Franklin Frankenstein (I would how he pronounced his last name, LOL!) and lyrics by Francis Bernard Silverwood.  California adopted it officially in 1951.  GIVE UP!?!  "I Love You, California!"

O. K., now to trivia fact #2.  Only four California locals are mentioned in the song:  Sierras, Tamalpais, Yosemite, and, YOU GUESSED IT, Catalina.

Trivia fact #3.  When mentioning the first three locations, nothing is noted about them, BUT, when they mention Catalina, it is followed with "you are very dear to me".

Now for trivia fact #4, which I am quite sure that NO ONE knows, except those of us who are REALLY INTO CATALINA TRIVIA, is that "I Love You, California", along with the lyrics, "Catalina, you are very dear to me", was performed when the first ship went through the Panama Canal on August 14, 1914, the commercial freighter, Ancon".  This would mean that our little island was included in the inauguration of this truly remarkable human accomplishment, the Panama Canal.  Pretty good, HUH!?!