Article from the 5/28/2015 Catalina Islander

As I mentioned before, on May 3, I answered my 25,000th question.  On May 26, I answered my 27,000 question!!!  Thanks to the extra repositioning cruise ships and "Memorial Day" weekend, I was able to answer 2000 questions in only 13 days!  ON TO 50,000!!!
Here are this week's visitor questions:
"Are we on the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean?"
"Are people able to drive here?"
When someone asked me where the bank was, I told her that the bank was closed today and she asked "why"?  When I told her that it was "Martin Luther King Day", she asked, "Why are you celebrated American holidays here!?!"
"When you get major storms here, do you feel the island roll?"
"Do the people who live on Catalina go back and forth to the mainland everyday?"
I NEED A VACATION:  After answering these types of questions, I find it hard to leave my work at the Mole.  Monday night I went out with a friend for dinner and we went to one of our favorite restaurants around 5PM.  When we were checking out the different available tables, a friend of mine who was serving asked, "Are you here to eat dinner?"  Without hesitation (WHICH I SHOULD HAVE DONE AND REALIZED THAT I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE ONLY TO DRINK) I said to her, "No, I have come to get my shoe shined!"  I could tell she was hurt by my comment and I would have done ANYTHING to be able to take the words back, so I waited until things were slow and I went up and apologized and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  She forgave me and said that sometimes, when she is busy and tired, comments like this from visitors makes her want to slap them!  I DON'T BLAME HER!  It is difficult enough to practice good "Customer Serve", but when the "customer" doesn't seem to want to return the positive attitude, it does get PRETTY TRYING!  I am having to continue to monitor myself when I find myself averaging some days over 1 question a minute for four straight hours.  In my attempt to help people get the answers they want, I have to stop and find ways to answer these more "unusual" questions.  SORRY IF I HAVE OFFENDED ANYONE!  I DO NEED A VACATION and I will be getting it soon, from June 11-20 when I go up North to celebrate my Mother's 90th birthday!
TRIVIA TIME:  I marvel at the number of people who venture into the "cave" that is near Float 5 where I greet the cruise ships at the Mole.  They slowly make their way up the cliff and take photo's as if they had just climbed Mt. Everest.  The kids especially enjoy it and wonder "what kind of animal must have lived here!" 
Sorry to disappoint, but the cave is not a home for strange and exotic animals.  It has, luckily, been a temporary haven for some people who come here without the means to support themselves in a traditional living situation.  This has been a protection for those who need to get out of the cold and wet weather conditions and hopefully have a descent night's sleep.
The story of how it got there goes back to 1906.  The Banning Brothers, who owned the Island at the time, had already put in a tram between the park at the East end of Crescent to "Buena Vista Point", now called "Mt.  Ada", across from the Wrigley Home, which is now a bed and breakfast called "The Inn On Mt. Ada".  The traveler  would be taken from the park to the lookout point and then from there taken by another tram to "Lovers' Cove" where they boarded their Glass Bottom Boats.  There was already an "upper road" that had been built between Avalon, to "Buena Vista" and then on to Pebbly Beach. 
The decision was made to build a lower road connecting Avalon to "Lover's Cove" and then on to Pebbly Beach.  The land at that time came all the way down to the ocean and was owned by Peter Gano who had built his home, the "Holly Hill House", in 1890.  The Banning Brothers asked Mr. Gano if he would allow them an easement so that they could build the road.  He refused them, which caused the Bannings to have to go to plan B.  Through studies, they were informed that Mr. Gano ONLY owned the land "under" his home for a certain depth and that from that point on it was Banning property.  Having given Mr. Gano proper warning that they were planning to blast a tunnel under his home, if he didn't give them the right to the land, Mr. Gano called their bluff and refused once again.  This time the Bannings went through with their threat and proceeded to blast the hole, which is now referred to as the "Cave".   The shacking of his home, caused by this explosion, so scared Mr. Gano that he immediately gave them the use of his land for the road that we now use TODAY!  Pardon me having to make reference to "A Blast From The Past"!